What is My Montessori Box?


My Montessori Box is a learning resources set-up to supports children at Cardiff Montessori School to continue their learning journey at home during the COVID19 Pandemic. A series of boxes are delivered directly to your child. At the start of each 'block' you will receive a Resource Kit. Thereafter, each week your child will receive an activity box.   Parent also receive accesses to online resources on this site and children via google classroom.


What is the resource kit?


The resource kit is made up of materials to help support your child’s learning across the learning 'block'. Items in the resource kit are intended to be used beyond this time. The kit includes books, notebooks and re-usable materials. They help ensure all children have equal access to learning materials and help create a shared learning experience.

What are activity boxes?


These boxes contain items your child will need to complete various activities. They also contain resources to aid them with their weekly learning activities.

The aim of activity packs is to bring a sense of excitement to children and ensure a hands-on learning experience without the need for parents to worry about sourcing the required materials each week.

What is the online site for?


Online videos will be available to supplement activities. The aim of online sessions is to connect the children in the class and give them the community experience. The website will contains videos, podcasts and downloadable materials. It will also contains parent support materials such as videos showing how to present certain items to your child. Google classroom continues to the forum through which children can communicate with staff but this site helps keep all resources related to the boxes in one easy to access area for parents. 

What types of boxes are available?


Boxes are developed based on the planes of development of children. One box is available for children in 3-6 and one for children in 6-9. In general all 3-6 boxes are the same and all 6-9 boxes are the same. However, there may be small variations as we will tailor certain aspects according to their knowledge of your child’s interest and area of study of the curriculum.  There will also be some elements of the box where a choice of options is available and your child will be able to choose things that interest them.

Is My Montessori Box part of Cardiff Montessori School (CMS)?


Yes and No! Our school is currently closed. When we re-open the aim is for My Montessori Box to become part of CMS in the event that some remote learning is needed. It may be possible to expand to offer a version of the box to children not registered at CMS in the future. At present, the pilot is being developed and run by the headteacher, Esma (@MontessoriWales), and her husband, an education specialist, Yusuf.